Repair and maintenance of chillers, air conditioners
in Naberezhnye Chelny, Russia

* VRF systems
* Accuracy
* Chillers

For a long time, the company has successfully maintained a high level of performance in the design, maintenance, installation, repair and commissioning of industrial cooling systems, namely:

Multi-zone systems;



Split systems;


Compressor and condensing units;

Central air conditioning systems;

Precision air conditioners.

The specialized service company has been operating since 2007.

"SPETS-CLIMAT" carries out all types of repair of systems, the purpose of which is to cool air and liquids - chillers in Naberezhnye Chelny and the republic.

In industry, air and fluid conditioning plays a very important role. This not only keeps employees and workers there in a comfortable environment, but is also necessary for equipment - machines that are present in industry or at a factory.

Liquid cooling is also a kind of air conditioning used in industrial solutions, not only for air conditioning, but the liquid used in the case is more efficient for cooling, and it is effective for cooling a small area, and thus can be used to cool specific machines. in industry. There are several ways to control the cooling performance under different circumstances.

Modern climatic equipment in all price segments is faced with a violation of operating conditions, careless attitude, with practice, frequent comparison with a household refrigerator, irregular maintenance can lead to the failure of one of the units (parts) and this will entail really serious production problems and material losses not only in the form of costs for repairing the chiller; but also before the interruption of the production cycle.


Professionalism and responsibility in work allow us to carry out high-quality maintenance of industrial and air conditioners from those installed in commercial premises (duct, fan coil units, ceiling).


  • ELIMINATION OF ERRORS and their causes;
  • diagnostics - identification of malfunctions and the reasons that led to their occurrence;
  • Repair / restoration of electrical circuit (board);
  • elimination of refrigerant leaks, filling the refrigeration unit with freon;
  • repair of all major electromechanical assemblies:
  • repair of cold compressors.

Commissioning, launch

Will ensure compliance with the manufacturer's operating rules for the equipment, which will certainly extend the service life and reduce the payback period.


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Our advantages!
More than 14 years in the field of air conditioning systems manufactured in different parts of the world.

Hundreds of problems have been solved - from the simplest to the "impossible" ones!
Employees trained in official centers of HVAC equipment manufacturers.

Who are already able to independently implement effective approaches to maintenance and repair of chillers, saving you time and money.
We have all the necessary equipment and tools at our disposal.

This can significantly reduce the time for maintenance and repair.
Working hours "24/7"

Quite often, maintenance and repair work on chillers must be carried out at night. For example, in the foundry of a plant, a shopping center, etc. Carry out work in such a way that personnel, customers or sensitive equipment does not "notice" the service stop of the climatic equipment.

And we do it!

Our customers:
We work with 99% of the climatic
equipment manufactured in different parts of the world.
We have at our disposal manuals, installation requirements, maintenance cards, and other necessary information.
Stages of cooperation:
Departure to the object
Coordination of tasks and scope of work.
All work is carried out on the basis of an agreed contract.
Works on site
Carrying out the entire list of necessary work at a specific facility.
The outcome
The work has been completed.
The customer carries out acceptance checking the quality of the work performed.
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  • +7(927)048-01-21

6A, Shlyuzovaya st., Naberezhnye Chelny, Rep. Tatarstan, Russia.

Russian post:
№ 00024, building №1, Gidrostroiteley street ,Naberezhnye Chelny, Rep. Tatarstan, Russia.
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